Support Animal Welfare, License Your Dog

Did you know that the money you spend to license your dog funds the Animal Welfare Program whose investigators look into complaints of animal cruelty? The license fees also help pay for the care of the animals that are victims of animal cruelty. It’s quick, easy, and affordable to license your dog! All you have to do is go to your Town Office and pay a small fee. The State of Maine requires that dogs be licensed in the town of residence of the owner. Each dog six months of age or older must be licensed. Dog licenses expire on December 31st of each year, but there is no additional late fee for licensing your dog in January. An additional late fee of $25 will be imposed after January 31st of each year. The cost at the City Clerk’s office is $6.00 for an altered dog, $11.00 for an unaltered one. To receive a license, dog owners must show a State of Maine rabies certificate, a spay or neuter certificate, and provide your dog’s veterinarian’s name and phone number (if this information isn’t already on file at the Clerk’s office).