Breed Unknown?

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Sample Listing for an available dog:

Rover, Breed Unknown, Age: 4 years

“Helloooo? That’s clearly a pit bull.”

“That dog is definitely a Hungarian Vizsla. Just look at its coloring!”

“Um, breed unknown? That’s a lab if I ever saw one.”

Here at the Franklin County Animal Shelter, we’ve begun DNA testing all of our available dogs, but oftentimes, a dog comes available for adoption before we have the results of its individual DNA test. Our experienced staff can take their very best educated guess as to what a dog’s breed is based on its looks and personality (and they’re usually right!), but we want to be able to state with confidence what breeds our dogs are–thus, we label them “Breed Unknown” until those DNA results come back.

In addition, while many people are quick to label any dog that appears to be in the bully breeds a “Pit Bull”, very few of the dogs that come through our shelter actually have any pit bull in their lineage. In fact, currently NONE of our available dogs are “Pit Bulls”. Instead, they have American Staffordshire Terrier in their lineage, which is, like Pit Bulls, Boxers, Olde English Bulldogs, Pugs, Mastiffs, and Great Danes, to name just a few, another of the Bully Breeds. (And just for the record, we love Pit Bulls–American Pit Bulls and American Staffys are both loyal, loveable, loving, highly intelligent dogs!)

So the next time you spot the words “Breed Unknown” on one of our available dog listings, be sure our Animal Care specialists already have a pretty good idea what kind of dog it actually is–we just are waiting for the DNA tests to come in to confirm their suspicions. 🙂


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