A Shout-Out to The Country Mutt

A couple of weeks ago, we received a call from an older gentleman looking to surrender two older Australian Shepherds that had been born on his farm. It was his wife’s dream several years ago to own a farm, and so they bought one: a farm with cattle, goats, and sheep. To help herd all those animals, they started breeding Australian Shepherds, and these were the last of the dogs they had bred, working farm dogs who were born to herd. Sadly, last summer his wife passed away, and now, the farm sold, he needed to surrender the two brothers as he prepared to move into an apartment. They came to us as beautiful, loving, poofs of fur, but they were badly in need of grooming.

Enter the awesome folks at The Country Mutt in Kingfield. Over the last couple of months, they’ve been helping to promote our Pets of the Week, and they had let us know they’d be happy to donate grooming services should we have the need. We reached out to them, and they quickly made room in their schedule to fit the boys in, and when the boys came back, they looked like new dogs: quite a bit less hairy (don’t worry—it’ll grow back), but wayyyy more comfortable without the mats and burrs in their fur.

Saturday they went home to their new fur-ever home, a place with lots of acreage to run, and loving owners very excited to give them a home. We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the awesome team at The County Mutt!

The Country Mutt Logo


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