Meet Penny (and Our Cat of the Week, Abby, too)!

Meet Penny: Penny is an eight year-old, DNA Certified Jack Russell Terrier, and she has been a resident of the shelter since June. Don’t let her advanced age fool you, though—this tiny girl is a ball of energy, super smart, and a talented escape artist. Penny has been living the last several months as an Adoption Ambassador with a caring foster, but the time has come for Penny to find her fur-ever home. Because of her escape artist ways, she needs an owner willing to supervise her on a secure harness and leash or on a run anytime she is outside. She gets along with some dogs, and she is very clear when she doesn’t like others, but she seems to get along fine with cats. Is there a chance you could provide the fur-ever home she’s longing for? Contact the shelter to schedule a meet-and greet!

Our other special case this week is Abby, our Cat of the Week. When Abby was brought in to the shelter, it rapidly became clear she was one very sick cat. Testing confirmed she suffers from diabetes, and she needs daily shots of insulin. Abby is a very sweet, older girl, but she needs a family that feels comfortable giving her those vital insulin shots on a daily basis. Abby gets along fine with other social cats, but is a little timid around dogs. Want to meet her? Come into the shelter during our open hours, 12pm to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday (although we are closed today, Tuesday, April 4th, due to the inclement weather), and ask to meet Abby—she lives in the recuperation area of the shelter, away from the hubbub of our First Cat room.


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